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Kerry Smart Magnetic Track light 5W

Kerry Smart Magnetic Track light 5W

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Single Phase Magnetic 5W Bluetooth Controlled Track Light


Track light for a single-phase track with dimming and color temperature control. Can be used individually or grouped into larger units to illuminate the entire room or a selected part of the interior. Connects to the application via BLUETOOTH, or optional remote control, managing up to three groups of lamps. Optional WIFI gateway, which will allow you to control lights outside the home, group them in any and unlimited groups, and also use scenes and schedules.

  • Height 25cm
  • Width 3cm
  • Single Phase, 48V 
  • LED
  • Max Power 12W, Led 5W
  • IP20
  • Lumens 550
  • Color Temperature Control 3000K-6000K
  • Dimmable, Groups
  • Bluetooth (Android, iOS)
  • Lighting Angle 40dg
  • Warranty 2 years
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