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SAGA Smart Magnetic Track light 12W

SAGA Smart Magnetic Track light 12W

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Single Phase Magnetic 12W Bluetooth Controlled Track Light

Track light for a single-phase track with dimming and color temperature control. Can be used individually or grouped into larger units to illuminate the entire room or a selected part of the interior. Connects to the application via BLUETOOTH, or optional remote control, managing up to three groups of lamps. Option a WIFI gateway, which will allow you to control lights outside the home, group them in any and unlimited groups, and also use scenes and schedules.

  • Height 2.5cm
  • Width 30cm
  • Depth 2.2cm
  • Single Phase, 48V 
  • LED
  • Max Power 12W
  • IP20
  • Lumens 600
  • Color Temperature Control 3000K-6000K
  • Dimmable, Groups
  • Bluetooth (Android, iOS)
  • Lighting Angle 120dg
  • Warranty 2 years
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